Episode 11

Host: Alex Naveja

Co-hosts: Simon Allen and Dennis Pope

- Chad Johnson, Mr. Ochocinco, makes it official with Boca Raton Football Club

- Special Guest interview with Boca Raton FC's President Douglas Heizer.

- Are three Palm Beach clubs too many or not enough?

- Soda City FC and Lowcountry United with shutout wins in their season openers

- Rob Stone supporter of Bavarian Soccer Club with his latest Twitter picture?

- FC WACO and Inocentes Futbol Club weekend ticket sales benefitting Inocentes FC goalkeeper Erik Reyes who was diagnosed with Hodgkins Cancer

- Which Pacfic Northwest club will join Alaska City FC , Centralia FC, Cook Inlet Soccer Club , Seattle City Pro, Spokane City FC?

-Will Sporting AZ FC ambitious preseason pay dividends?

- Contra Costa FC getting the spotlight treatment from Protagonist Soccer

- Santa Ana Winds player Jordan Gorman signs a deal with MKE Torrent.

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