Episode 14

Host: Alex Naveja

Co-hosts: Art Eftekhari and Dennis Pope

- Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup Qualifying - Fourth Round - is this weekend! Cal FC plays Santa Ana Winds in one highly-anticipated matchup, while Safira Football Club , World Class Premier , Southwest F.C. , St Louis Maritsa F.C. all have crutial final qualifying matchups.

- Bavarian SC: UPSL, Majors and Reserve has started a really cool GoFundMe Account to celebrate their 90th anniversary.

- Special Guest Interview with California United Strikers FC Abraham Villion and his latest achievement as the UPSL MVP.

-An interview as we catch up with Samba FC San Antonio Women's coach Augie Mendez and last season's Goal of the Season winner Emilio Mendez.

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