Episode 21

Host: Alex Naveja

Co-hosts: Dennis Pope & Art Eftekhari

We'd like to thank Dr. d'Alary Dalton, Alta California Sol President, for coming on the show to talk about the team winning SoCal North Championship Division and being promoted to the Pro Premier next season.

- World Class Premier Elite claim Mid-Atlantic North Division - Honduras 5 Stars take over the top spot of Atlanta Caribbean Division

- Juve Pro and Safira FC tied at 3-0-0 in the Northeast Conference - Championship tier 

 - FC Waco is currently unbeaten and on top of Heart Division in Central Conference at halfway point

- Will San Juan FC and Utah Murcielagos face off for the conference title? (Both are on top of Mountain Conference table)

- First preseason game in Alaska ends in 2-2 draw on Monday night - What's behind the success of Contra Costa in the Wild West Division? 

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